HS Tennis Update- 3/29

Attention Parents:

This coming Tuesday, March 29, is our District Tennis tournament at Memorial Park. The following players will be participating:

Shaunak Seth
Amit Kavadi
Justus Veraart
Inigo Acha-Orbea
Yash Agarwal
Parin Thakkar

Helen Zhang
Femke Nejits
Divya Rath
Paulina Dominguez
Katie Wang
Patricia Palencia-Burgos

We need to be at Memorial Park to warm up around 7:30am, so will need to leave school at 645am. Please arrange to have your son/daughter at school by this time. We will depart from the Moore Gym. If you want to bring your son/daughter to Memorial Park yourself, that is fine, but please let Coach Lamore know.

This is a single elimination tournament, so if a player or double team loses on Tuesday, he/she/they are done for the tournament and may return to school. If you want your son/daughter to return to school immediately after a loss on Tuesday, please be in contact with them via cell phone, arrange to pick them up, and return them to school. Be sure to visually confirm with Coach Lamore.

If a singles player or doubles team wins 3 matches on Tuesday, they will play again on Wednesday morning. The top 4 players/teams from each division will advance to the State Tournament in Waco on 4/11-4-13.

Lunch and drinks will be provided at the tournament.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Lamore at his cell phone: 832-984-1076.